Friday, August 13, 2010

When I went to the Stitching Post in Baltimore, MD I just fell in love with this pattern and had to have it. It is on my to-do list (after I finish the moose) so it probably won't get done anytime soon but I had to share the design. I couldn't get the special fabric so I got an overdyed light blue jobelyn (which I've never used before and love the softness of). Will post pics whenever I start it. LOL - I have so many projects I just want to start but not enought time. Oh well, I retire in less that 2 yrs and hopefully will do it all then - now that a huge LOL. I also bought all the special overdyed yarns too. I had a grand time at the LNS and my SO just can't figure out Stash.

My BF's daughter and grand-daughter are coming up from Florida for a joint birthday party and I'm invited so I just had to make something for them. The Amber bookmark is for her daughter and the Ela pillow cover is for her grand-daughter. No, I did not make the fabric around the pillow - it came that way. I x-stitch but do not really sew that much anymore. My BF says both of them will really appreciate something made special for them.

This is the black lab that was my very first commissioned piece. The man at work loved it as did all my co-workers. It was an easy stitch - but very boring. The material is a new Dimensions Aida 14 ct that is blue/white and I really like it. I framed it myself with lots and lots of help from my brother-in-law who use to do framing. By the way, the frame was only $3.00 from my local wal-mart.