Friday, September 17, 2010

Vegas LNS

Then I took a very looooooooooong bus trip to the only cross stitch shop in Vegas. Actually it was one bus up the Strip then a transfer to another bus up Sahara Blvd. But the good news: Only $7.00 for a 24 hr bus pass anywhere you wanted to go. I had a great time chatting with the women working there and a couple of great ladies that were stitching away. Then, of course, I bought a few things LOL.
STITCHERS PARADISE - LAS VEGAS, NV. If you ever get to Vegas you just have to go there.

These kits come in all 50 States
and each State has a different
type of New Stitch.
PA has Victoria Stitch and Nevada
has Greek Stitch. These could be VERY

These are: Britty Puppies by Britter Cup Designs and have a dog house charm and a paw print charm. They were just toooo cute to resist - I love my doggie designs. The other one is a kinny Mini by Charland Designs and has several "strange" (for me that is) stitches and ice skate charm. It came with floss but not fabric.

This is a Pine Mountain Designs pillow call Top Ties. It was so colorful I couldn't resist it and it looks like a "quick stitch."

And last but not least is my Hinzeit chart. I have fallen in love with Hinzeit charts with charms. The material is a gloss 28 ct over dyed linen with a dark beigh background with mauvish, greenish design. The floss is Kreinik Fine Overdyed Braid in beigh, green, mauve colors. I loved the colors and just hope I can manage stitching with braid.

All in all I had a fantastic time visiting this shop.


  1. Dottie, what a great trip! Thanks for sharing the pics. Cathryn :)

  2. Lucky you dottie. You picked up some nice goodies. Trips like that are great.

  3. Looks like you had fun!And what a S.E.X.!!! Congratulations!