Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Projects as of 4/13/10

These are Bookmarks 3 & 4 of a goal of 6 by Sept. 2010

The Spitfire is coming along nicely but Naptime Dragon SAL is driving me nuts - but I will perserve.


  1. Dottie my DH would love the Spitfire. He makes 1/72nd scale WWI & WWII airplanes. Your work is just lovely.


  2. I have "Naptime Dragon" on my wishlist. I hope that it doesn't give you too much trouble. The "Spitfire" is coming along as well. Very good work.
    Thanks so much for the comments on my blog.

  3. My son Ryea would just love the plane.I really like naptime dragon.You are doing great work.

  4. What a lovely bookmarks! I love tulips one!

  5. Thank you for joining my blog. I am sorry you were married to an alcoholic, I was at one time also. I divorced him. I love the prayer you were talking about. God is good - good luck on the giveaway.